Can I wear Nor1 Hair Fibers to the gym?

Yes. Feel free to pump iron and do a crazy spin class while wearing our fibers. Our fibers will only come out during a shower

Will the hair fibers come out if I wear a hat?

Unless your hat has a built in shower, your fibers will stay in place. After you use our fibers you're not going to want to wear a hat because you'll want to show off your beautiful mane

Will Nor1 Hair Fibers prevent my other hair from growing?

Not at all. We're a natural product that should not interfere with natural growth and when combining with other hair growth products.

What should I be concerned about when using these hair fibers?

Aside from looking really good. Nothing. Actually, don't inhale, ingest, avoid eye contact and if by some random chance you get a rash then stop using it